GTH Architects was created in 2007 by bringing the commitment and talents of Betsy Gensburg, John Toniolo and Jeff Harting together to form an intimate and focused architectural firm serving Chicago's North Shore, which includes Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe, Highland Park and Lake Forest, Chicago, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, California, New Mexico, and Washington D.C. We provide full architectural services for residential new construction, renovations, additions, restorations, and interior design services. Having extensive knowledge of historically correct forms, details and materials, we are able to create new homes that draw from these elements and evoke a timeless quality; additions and renovations that blend seamlessly with their original architectural fabric; restorations that find the hidden heart of a home and allow it to shine once more; and interiors design features that become the final thread that unifies and completes the project as a whole.

Working intimately with our clients, interior designers, kitchen designers, landscape architects and builders, we find the most successful projects are those that allow the design to be a collaboration of these key individuals and companies. With the client's goals always at forefront, it is our responsibility to maintain the overall vision of the project and filter the recommendations of this collaboration to achieve the highest quality, most appropriate, aesthetically pleasing and cohesive end result.


Our architectural philosophy is simple. We are the tailors for you, your home and lifestyle. Together we select the architectural fabric that creates the home and tailor it to be stylistically appropriate and a perfect fit for your family's needs. We listen carefully to your thoughts and requests, and weave them together for a custom-fitted and truly original design.

Our pride comes from creating your custom home, renovation, restoration, addition, and interiors that are timeless and leave no personal statement or mark from our firm. Creating floor plans using key furniture placements ensures that spaces fit your needs and the sight lines of the house correctly. The project should always be a reflection of you in an architecturally correct and appropriate manner, and never leave any label as to who created it. Our most prized compliment is when our final work appears to be a natural progression of your existing home or new home that is, at its essence, timeless.

Our Team

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