Northfield Renovation Northfield, Illinois


Legacy Builders


Jeffry Harting


Michael Robinson


This "diamond in the rough" lay hidden behind years of brush, overgrowth, alterations and neglect on a well traveled road in Northfield, Illinois. This one of the first two original farmhouses in Northfield was built in 1882 and was home to a family and their dairy farm. With the progression of habitation and construction, the dairy farm, outbuildings and barns slowly dissapeared. However, the home survived.

Having been "modernized" over time, the original farmhouse still existed with "colonial" adaptations, additions and improvements added in the 1940's. Our goal was to remove all non original alterations and return the home to its original state, while planning sympathetic additions and historically correct details. These included creating a new front and rear porch with chamford post columns, replicating the original punch and groove window headers, standing seam metal roofs,quadrafoil gable windows, and yes, lightening rods! A new garage was also planned, designed to appear as an out building with board and batten siding painted bright red to compliment the home.

With a soft multicolor paint pallette and brush and overgrowth removed, the home once again shines and reminds us of a not so distant agricurtural past and far simplier life.